Geneva Airport- Good for spotting?

Geneva Airport is Switzerland’s second-biggest airport, is it a good spotting trip, does it offer much in terms of traffic?

Read on to find out!

Here I answer a few commonly asked question about spotting at Geneva Airport

Q-Do I Need A Permit To Spot At Geneva Airport?

A- No, when spotting at Geneva Airport, it is not necessary to carry a spotting permit like CDG. Even when spotting on the French Side. However keep in mind that when spotting anywhere, it is always a good idea to carry some form of ID… just in case!

Q-Is The Traffic Good At Geneva Airport?

A- It Depends, In the early morning, around seven o’clock to ten o’clock, you get a lot of the long haul traffic that Geneva has, such as an Air China A330 from PEK, two United B767s an Etihad B789 and an Air Canada A330. Through the middle of the day, you get mainly short-haul aircraft, especially easyJet, expect a lot of easyJet, in fact, easyJet operates about 45% of traffic to and from Geneva. Which is probably one of the reasons that easyJet Switzerland is a thing.

easyJet Switzerland landing at Geneva Airport



Q-What length of lens should I use?

A- It really doesn’t matter, there are quite a few spotting locations that you can’t get close enough to use a basic 18-55mm. The location is not listed below but it is the leftmost corner of the French Side of the Airport. To get to it you need to go down a bumpy road which opens up onto a large field. From there you can see the corner stone stating where the border is which is pretty cool, (you can also use it as a means to make you taller;) ) The photo below was taken at this point.

Aer Lingus Jetting off

Q- What is the best spotting location in your opinion?

A- In my opinion, it depends on the time of day, you always want to be behind the sun to get good lighting, so as the day goes on you should work your way from 1B, 1A, and 1C. An honorable mention is 3. Its only really good for when planes are taking off on Runway 23. Below is an example of photos you can expect from this position.

CS300 Lining Up

Q- Is Geneva Spotter Friendly?

A- No, Out of all of the Airports I’ve spotted it, I must say the Geneva Airport is the least spotter friendly out of all of them. Geneva Airport very rarely hosts spotting events, it would be nice if they could offer more frequent airside tours, like ZRH. Another thing is there are no dedicated spotting areas around the whole area, so us spotters improvise. Below I have attached a map for spotting locations.




Image result for Geneva Spotting map



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